Headlight restoration 



Why get a headlight restoration? 

  • Safety for you and your family

  • Costs hundreds less to restore than replace

  • Guaranteed satisfaction with warranty

  • Does not change factory headlamp alignment

  • Others may make it look good for a few months

  • We use an approved OEM product

  • No appointment necessary

  • Do-it-yourself products do not work

What WE do?

We restore your lenses to their original condition, combined with our restoration service, you will have the Clarity & Performance of a factory headlight, without the costs of replacing them. Stop driving around with a vehicle that not only looks terrible, but also endangers lives!

The facts

Before the 1980's, vehicle headlights were made of glass. In the late 80's, car manufacturers began to design cars with much more aerodynamic designs. Polycarbonate plastic was designed, and used to create headlights that were very strong, durable, easily molded and much safer than glass.


The problem with polycarbonate plastic, is that it is very porous, making the lenses extremely vulnerable to the elements. A protective coating is applied to the lenses, which has UV inhibitors to keep the plastic from deteriorating. Without proper care, the protective coat will eventually fail and deteriorate. This is what causes your lenses to flake and oxidize, yellow, get cloudy and hazy, and in some cases loose up to 70% of their overall visibility and performance